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Eric and Victoria (Vicky)

Owner & Operators, Eric and Victoria are married and have been together 25 years!
They have been in the services industry for over 25 years! One day they decided to open their own establishment and started with their first venture and opened Stock Island Fades & Spa in 2007 which later became Stock Island Fades & Tattoos for the coming years. In 2013 they opened Flow Spa, a full day spa specializing in massage therapy, facials, body treatments and more. In 2016 they opened a new barbershop venture called Addisons Barber Parlor. Addisons was a combination of the names of their children, daughter Addy and 2 sons (Darian & Sergio) giving the name Addisons.

In 2015 they had the vision of creating Beards & Brews. It was a lot of work but through hard work and determination anything is possible! In 2020 Beards & Brews opened their doors and they were able to consolidate all of the barbershops to concentrate on the new venture Beard’s & Brews. Stock Island fades closed in 2019 and Addisons in 2021. While physical locations are gone neither of the barbershops are really closed since our barbers from both shops are with us at Beards & Brews and continue to provide our clients with same quality service. We took the best of both shops and came up with an aquatic steampunk idea that has a reverse play on a speak easy, where you enter the bar looking for the barbershop versus looking for the bar while entering the barbershop.

Beards and Brews is a beer & wine bar also serving Saki and craft cocktails. We have a pool table and host a wide variety of events such as sporting events NFL, Boxing, UFC fight passes, and more.

If you would like to host your next event at the bar, give us a call and we would be happy to help you further 305.434.6480.

If you are in need of free couples therapy you can find them behind the bar most days! HAHAHA!

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Santy Codina

My name is Santy Codina, I am from Miami. I started cutting hair in 2017 in Key West and haven’t left the island since! I love FOOD and going to all of the best restaurants, so if you need a recommendation do not hesitate to ask. I’ve been to all of them. I specialize in low fades and Hot towel shaves. I enjoy what I do!

Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Drink at The Bar: Havana Lager on tap

Worked at Both Stock Island Fades and Addisons

Joel Martinez

Hi my name is Joel Martinez, most people call my lil Joel. I was born in Nicaragua raised in key west and have been here since I was 8 years old. I started cutting hair when I was 15 and 2 years later started working for Stock Island Fades owned by Eric and Vicky, I have been working for them since 2007, they are my second family! Beards and brews is the new Barbershop and I love working here with everyone! Professionally licensed and I love what I do!

Sign: Leo

Favorite Drink at The Bar: Bacardi Rum Punch!

Worked at Stock Island Fades

William Duran Jr

My name is William Duran Jr., most people call me “Willy”. I was born in 1996 here in Key West. I have been professionally licensed as a master barber since 2020. I specialize in detailed fades, and specialty cuts with color. I love to travel and meet new people. Networking is a major key to success.

Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Drink at The Bar: Bacardi Rum Punch!

Worked at Stock Island Fades

Marc-Anthony Duran

Hello, I’m Marc-Anthony Duran, a skilled barber born and raised in the vibrant community of Key West. With expertise in all types of hair, I pride myself on providing exceptional services for every client. From classic cuts to modern styles, I’m commited to delivering personalized looks that suit your unique taste and hair type. 

Visit our shop and let me showcase my skills as we work together to create a hairstyle that perfectly complements your individuality.

Sign: Leo

Favorite Drink at The Bar: Crazy Lady

Albert (Tico) Codina

Hi my name is Albert. Most people call me Tico. I’m from Miami I’ve been a professionally licened barber since 2010. I like all types of music and basketball. I specialize in fades, beards and classic haircuts.

Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Drink at The Bar: Heineken

Sergio Castellanos

Hi my name is Sergio. Most people call me Surge. I am born and raised in Key West. I’m a seven-generation Conch. I have been cutting hair since I was 18. In January I recieved my barber’s license from Hollywood Institure in West Palm. I specialize in hot towel shaves, combovers, and bald heads! I enjoy dancing and making people laugh. I love what I do!

Sign: Capricorn